Six-year-old Ezekiel Needs N500,000 to Clear Medical Bill

The family of six-year-old Ezekiel Akinola has expressed their gratitude to Nigerians for coming to the aid of their son during his heart surgery at the Tristate Hospital in Lagos state.

family is, however, in desperate need of N500,000 to clear the medical bill for heart repair surgery.

Following his diagnosis in 2020, the family insisted that it became imperative to conduct a preoperative evaluation and CT Pulmonary Angiogram and TOF Repair on his heart, the cost of this operation has rendered his family confused and conflicted.

His father, Oluwole Akinola said, “Nigerians came to our aid when we solicited funds to pay up for the surgery. 

“All my life, I have never earned up to a million naira. But Nigerians came to the rescue of my son’s life at a critical time. We have been able to at N4m thanks to Nigerians.”

Oluwole further pleaded for an additional N500,000 to settle the hospital. He, therefore, called on good-spirited Nigerians to come to his son’s aid with financial contributions.

All donations can be made to Ezekiel’s WEMA Bank account 0268707431 Ezekiel Akorede Akinola.



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